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Crypto Artist and Web3 Strategist

Ana Isabel Rivas, better known as Ananá in Web3, is a Crypto Artist, a Web3 Strategist, motivational speaker, and host of in person or IRL events. Since 2021, she has dedicated her work as a digital artist and community builder of different projects, including Bright Moments CDMX SubDAO. She is in constant transformation as an emerging artist of the Web3 ecosystem, tracing her on the Blockchain to pave the way for Latin American women in Web3 to reduce the gender gap in the construction of the digital future.

Her honors and recognition include her NFT Ojitos Lindos (Pretty Eyes) being sent to the Moon this June with BitBasel and Space X, with the proceeds from this digital asset being used for an urgent surgery for her mom. This NFT was selected as 1 of the 17 winners of the contest: BitBasel CryptoArt for Impact and Innovation Challenge during Art Basel in Miami, representing 1 of the 17 (SDGs) Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This is a clear example of the opportunities presented by technological advances that allow her to be a role model for more women and younger generations.

Ana Isabel’s purpose and passion, as a Mexican artist from Mexico City, is to onboard anyone who wants to know more about innovation, technology, and art to the Web3 ecosystem and thrive.